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  We sincerely thank all contributors for taking the time to submit their Reviews of 'The John Searl Story'.
  "FANTASTIC !!! This man is a genius and I want to see more ... The movie was fantastic and everything about his flying disc seems so possible ... This movie was presented in a way that anyone could understand the workings of his creation. I'm certain in the very near future this will be the REAL DEAL!!" Troy

"A most compelling film. I was glued to the seat, and what if it is true then what. Who is stopping us from having this technology. I loved it." Brad

"What an amazing story! It's definitely a must-see for our generation ... There is one point, though, that I think the documentary missed ... John's technology wasn't suppressed, it was stolen and developed by the black-ops shadow government elements that pull the strings of the control structure that presently runs things on this planet. The attempts to marginalize and discredit him were all a ruse to get John off their scent and the public as well ... The documentary, in my opinion, made this all the more evident. The gap represented by the diminishing of Searl's work was simultaneously marked globally by an intense rise in UFO sightings. Some of those may have been extraterrestrial craft, but certainly some of them, perhaps most of them were of human origin of this world -- spinoffs of the Searl Effect ... Now that John is approaching the re-emergence of the technology, may actually mark a confluence in time when the powers that be are finally ready to stop hogging the technology for their black-op purposes only, and will allow it to finally make it into the light of day for the blessing of humanity. I'm sure there are plenty of power plays behind the scenes on this subject, but I happen to believe the good will win out." Sterling D. Allan, Pure Energy Systems Network

"I have learned so much from this wonderful documentary. John Searl is a great man with a very pure mind and speaks from the heart. An absolutely beautiful story. If you have not seen this yet, make sure you do." TJH

"This is a great film it catches a close glimpse of Mr. Searl's life and his passion, I only hope too see him re-complete construction of his latest levity disc and show the world finally what most likely the world governments would rather us not see." Jeffrey

"Good." Clifford

"Deep, thought provoking...a must see on everyone's list! This DVD has presented the details clearly and allows for believers and sceptics alike to view this 'story' to interpret a more informed opinion. Personally, I loved it ... it's like 'The Secret' for Scientists!!" Jude

"Sincerity sold me ... The documentary is to be praised! To see the feelings of John losing his family showed me the sincerity and dedication of this man. While he still lives I would like to see him get what he is due." Michael

"Fantastic! I didn't expect anything less anyway. One thing I didn't quite understand is one of the skeptics complaining about loaning them half a million dollars! Hmmm... with the green in four-digit billions of dollars that's been doled out in the US with no accountability, and more that's being doled out with accountability (hopefully), WTF am I missing here? Buy the DVD. Buy more if you feel like it!" Rohit

"Excellent work ... Something formidable, keep doing it and let people know about this. Thank you for enlighten me dear profesor Searl" Adrian

"One of the most compelling and well-done DVDs I've seen in a long time...about a man who seems to have been mistreated & under-minded by industry instead of applauded. I will do everything in my power to get this film out there and share it with everyone I know. Not only is John endearing, sincere and a genius, but a true role model as well for someone who can overcome odds of a disturbing childhood and see his mission through despite enumerable odds. Truly hope it can come to real fruition some day...soon!" Cara


"The documentary, as brought forth brilliantly and with great heart by Bradley Lockerman and his team, demonstrates that we must find alternatives to energy because I am very concerned for the future of this planet. I have long maintained that alternatives
must be found to counter the power sources we have now. The documentary gave me much pause and food for thought."

"Wow! This documentary truly is an incredible, compelling, heartfelt story ... The John Searl Story really seems to capture the true essence of this brilliant man ... I have such compassion and admiration for this extraordinary inventor, and now thanks to this amazing film, he can finally be heard and recognized for what is really possible and what should be made available to everyone!! It will astonish you ... compel you ... move you. It is a must see!!" Stephanie

"It's a great story about a great man who's heart is definitely into what he's trying to do. His story reminds me of Nikola Tesla in some ways ... Bright man, but not 'recognized' by the 'scientific community' therefore (they feel) whatever he has to say is not worth investigating!! I believe that's called 'educational arrogance'!! I think Professor Searl has EXACTLY what this world needs right now, CHEAP energy and a flying disk that WORKS. I also believe that some of his technology has been STOLEN by the government and is currently being developed by them, giving NO CREDIT to Searl. Same old story ... just like with Mr. Tesla. HOW SAD!!!" Curt

"A simply STUNNING story ... I urge ONE & ALL to get behind this fabulously wonderous technology ... There is NOTHING soooo powerful as an idea whose time has come!! U-MUST-SEE-THIS-DVD." Glen

"Awesome Documentary! ... The documentary provides a fair and impartial view of the SEG / IGV technologies and doesn't alienate its audience in overly-technical explanations. I found the illustrations of the magnetisation process to be particularly enlightening as this is an area many SEG replication attempts have completely ignored. Overall this is an excellent DVD, buy it now!!!" Guy

"Truly the most inspiring movie I have watched ever!
A true hero speaks from the heart and Prof Searl you ARE a TRUE hero."

"This is a well-researched and well-produced film about a fascinating individual who, if he is to be believed, has the answer to the world's energy dilemma. Whether he does or not cannot be determined by watching the film, but the film does illuminate many of the questions about John Searl and his invention. Like others, I want to believe him. But the questions remain. How was he able to construct many discs with little assistance in the 1950s and 1960s, yet they seem very difficult and expensive to build now? And are we really to believe that plywood discs actually were sent through the atmosphere at thousands of miles per hour -- and even guided around the globe by ham radio operators? Yet... the film offers tantalizing hints that the technology does work. I am eager to see it in action." Jon

"Awaited more ... Well, I expected do see live video of IGV and SEG running, IN REAL!!! Very pity that it was not there!" Andis

"I thought the film was very good and provided a good overview of John's life. I will be interested in other videos. I would like to see John build a new working prototype while he is still able." Matt

"Great documentary! Everybody should see this.
I can't wait to see a sequel where you can see a new prototype flying araound and producing free energy!"

"I just watched "The John Searl Story" and found it very professionally done, informative, and most of all, inspiring." James

  "Wonderful! ... Here you get the bare truth. Facts, and only facts with documented proofs. If every one that watch that DVD could buy only one more and pass it to a friend. That will be the end of the energy crisis. The good wills will raise up and every one will 'stop, think and act accordingly' like one body striving for its basic needs ... You are the judge along that DVD. We will all come to the same conclusions ... and act!" Francois

"We were very impressed. A lot of interesting data was presented along with a very compelling story. The possibility of such an alternative energy source is very plausible. Thanks for resurrecting Mr. Searle's story and presenting it at this very critical time when we need to reconsider all possibilities to save our planet and release ourselves from the grip of the oil industry." Patti


"Wow what an extraordinary documentary! Searl's story is very compelling and your documentary gives me great respect for a man that has persevered through years of effort, criticism, and hardships. His past successes and total belief in his discovery appear to provide him the determination to push on and now Searl and his current team appear to be very close to being able to provide the next generations hope for the future. The truth is out there and I think he is telling us the truth! POWER-ON John Roy Robert Searl" Steven

"Extraordinary! These are the facts people should know about a man's struggle to give the world a new technology that the world powers do not want the public to have. John Searl's life story is fascinating, lets hope the last chapter gives the world a working prototype. Looking forward to the second part! Great DVD, a must see." Jonathan

"I don't know if anything will come of it, but I purchased the DVD and had it delivered to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu, on the chance that in his search for solutions this might be a possibility, and that the Obama administration could persuade John Searl to release his invention to the world by placing it in trustworthy hands. Thank you." Laurel

"I felt that this video was "about" the SEG, but that it didn't really relate the 'resonant' substance of the technology. I was looking for a "functional" solution, something that would douse the nay-sayers. This is something a step beyond the proposition that the levity disk would revolutionize travel. That's great, but it's hard to merely settle with the 'Sci Fi' aspect of wonder regarding this technology; I wanted to see models of application, details, rather than historical glimpses of past successes." Mike

"I've been following Searl for many years - Most of us know and have the ability to spin a wheel with magnets - where's the finished product? (15 K gen) - He should know his country as well as the US have had his tech for many years - they won't share it - he should have years ago -" Paul

"I've been following Searl for many years, I consider this documentary to be the greatest story ever told in history. It was fantastic and it even brought me to tears. This story capture's the true essence of this brilliant man...i can't wait to see this world changed from the hard work and sacrifice that this man endured though out the years . God bless him!!! i cant wait for the next Dvd cheers!!" Dom

"Amazing! I can't wait to see the SEG work!!" Miklos

"Wow... I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of "The John Searl Story" through this facebook group, and that's a luck i'm not taking lightly! I'm an undergraduate Astrophysicist, and I can't believe how ridiculed his work was. Not only does it make logical sense, but scientifically it holds out." Samuel



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